Sponsorship and Exhibition

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the global gathering of energy materials & technology for expanding your business and product launches!!

AEMWC 2018 exhibition will be organized at the Conference Centre, M/S Mariella, Viking Line Cruise, board at Stockholm. Exhibitors will be located at the exhibition hall of the Cruise.

Now you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain a global exposure and build new business relationships with both academia and industries.

Sponsorship / Exhibition Costs:

Type  Category Price List (EURO)
1. Exhibition    
  i. Plus 3500
  ii. Standard 2500
2. Sponsorship    
  i. Platinum 10000
  ii. Gold 7000
  iii. Silver 5000
  iv. Sponsor Scientific Session 4000
3. Advertising    
  i. Preview Room 1000
  ii. Printing advertising  
           a) Inside Cover Page 800
           b) Backside Cover Page  1200
           c) 2nd and 3rd Cover Page 1000


Exhibition Date                      05 - 07 November 2018

For commercial opportunities, please contact at contact@vbripress.com